Hazy Jane

Last night in a bout of delicious self-indulgence I ordered out from Oodles of Noodles, got baked and watched “Monster-in-law.” The Mongolian Beef was scrumptious and the movie was thoroughly blah, a classic wasted opportunity. What Preston Sturges could have done with such a set up! But I don’t think the writers or the director had any clue how to set up a gag or successfully execute one. There were plenty of micromoments that were funny but not a single funny SCENE. And Wanda Sykes, who was easily the funniest person in the whole movie, disappeared for large stretches (post-production tinkering?) Jane sure deserved better; she was running full-bore in every scene but just wasn’t getting any support. There were only two really satisfying aspects of the film. The production/costume design included some pretty amazing interiors and dresses for Jane. And during a party scene “L-L-Love” by Astaire pops up on the soundtrack, which was one of my fave songs of last year. Let’s hope Ms. Fonda chooses something better next time around.

I had a very nice weekend on my own, Andy being in Indianapolis visiting his dad. I probably goofed off a lot more than usual but I was also more productive (!) (?) Had a lengthy conversation on Sunday morning with my friend Ric about the new manuscript. He had two or three great ideas for sharpening it. Got me refired up and I spent a few hours rewriting.

I see laundry and leftovers in my future.

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