The Worst Part of a Friday Morning Is

NPR is on while I’m eating breakfast and having coffee, and that idiot Kenneth Turan comes on. What a boob of a man he is! He’s so annoying. He always has this oh-so-superior tone in his voice, and uses the most asinine cliches as if they’re brilliant phrases he’s just invented himself. Everything is “at its core an intensely human story” or “a tapestry of desperate lives” or “the resilience of the human spirit” etc. etc. Not to mention the fact that his cinematic memory goes back as far as, oh, 1970 maybe. And the patronizing way he talks about foreign film: if he approves of the film then it’s “see, foreign films can be wonderful too!” and if he doesn’t like the film then it’s “gee, they just can’t do ’em like Americans can.” Why don’t they boot his ass back to Hollywood & Sunset and get Jonathan Rosenbaum to do a spot every Friday? Now THAT would be cool.

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