3 things about John Cromwell’s THE RACKET

The Racket [1951]

1. Robert Ryan walks into the room, just about to take a bite out of an apple. He sees Robert Mitchum standing there. They lock eyes and stare at each other for a moment. Ryan bites down on the apple.
2. William Conrad, chewing on something: “Keep your shirt on, Mac.”
3. He’s shot in the back as he tries to escape via the window. He falls backwards, twisting slightly; his upper body is caught on the edge of the desk, hangs there for just a moment; his body twists again as he falls to the floor, landing face down. You could watch this shot on a loop and be mesmerized.

This was a good, not great noir. Slightly disappointing considering the cast. But it had its moments and unfolded at a brisk pace.

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