It’s a peaceful morning. That’s my favorite thing about Sunday mornings: the placid, even pulse of time. We make our pot of coffee and have our scones, and then I shuffle to my computer and write, or just surf. So far this morning I’ve written an entire Chicagoist post and a few emails. Andy is folding his laundry and listening to a CD sampler of 20th Century classical music. It’s still quiet outside (the Air & Water show hasn’t started), I’m fully charged up on caffeine and yet totally relaxed. Later in the day of course this will all change. But for now I’m content in the moment.

Sunday mornings we all went to church when I was growing up. I haven’t gone to church since college really, for reasons I won’t go into now but which you can probably guess. But I still love Mahlia, still love the Staples Singers. I like listening to music on Sunday mornings. Somehow my ears and fresh and ready to absorb sounds. It’s the one morning of the week I have no interest in listening to NPR.

Last night we went to opening night of Fake Lake, the new show by the Neo-Futurists written by Sharon Greene. She’s an old college friend of Andy’s. It’s easily the best show I’ve ever seen of hers. It’s about a weekend trip she took to Lake Powell several years ago, and it’s immeasurably enhanced by the way it’s staged: in a pool. An actual pool. The Welles Park pool in Lincoln Square. The audience is seated on bleachers at pool’s edge, and the action takes place in the water and around the room. It’s funny, it’s touching, it’s altogether stimulating.

When we got home I turned on the TV and we ended up watching about 20 minutes of the Olympics, long enough to see Usain Bolt win the gold medal in the 100-meter sprit and set a new world record. It was pretty amazing to watch. So I guess I’ll have at least one memory of the games this year.

Later today I’m meeting K. for the first time. He’s visiting Chicago to help cast a production of his play, which opens here next February. It should be fun to hang out and show him around the neighborhood a bit. We’re seeing a show tonight at Stage Left. That’s two plays in one weekend! Can’t remember the last time that happened.

Time to head to the shower.

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