3 things about Danny Boyle’s SUNSHINE

Sunshine [2007]

1. Every time there’s a crisis, some member of the crew invariably says, “Shit.” Yeah, it’s one of those movies.
2. A single green sprout pokes through the charred remains. Then she gets impaled on a spear.
3. The final image is actually the best: a new sun being born, illuminating the landscape. The snowy environs surrounding the Sydney Opera House.

My reaction: meh. It’s an okay action movie that pays some half-hearted lip service to metaphysics. Any two pages of Alex Garland’s The Coma have more substance than this entire movie. Danny Boyle’s stuff tends to either work completely or not at all. It’s not as bad as Millions, it’s just slick and empty. I’ll take Solaris any day over this, thanks.

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