3 things about Robert Altman’s SHORT CUTS

Short Cuts [1993]

1. Unbeknownst to one another, while they talk on the phone they’re both eating peanut butter.
2. “Out of butter. Ask for margarine.”
3. The sound of the broken glass grinding in the sink.

3 more things.

I’m always going back and forth between SHORT CUTS and NASHVILLE as to which I like better. Maybe SHORT CUTS. It’s a deep pool, and every time you dive into it again you can see new things.  The first I saw it was when it came out in 1993. My dad had just helped me move to Chicago for college, and I wanted to see it so badly that I dragged him to Piper’s Alley for an afternoon show. It was in the 70mm theater. I think we must have been equally horrified when Jennifer Jason Leigh made her first appearance. But we stayed for the whole movie. I wonder if he slept through any of it.

On Netflix, there are three filmmakers I always have in my queue: Robert Altman, Alfred Hitchcock, Luis Bunuel.

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3 Responses to 3 things about Robert Altman’s SHORT CUTS

  1. Michael Smith says:

    Lovely observations. One of my favorite things is when Tom Waits empties his wallet on the bar. And how the Kane’s lawn has Betty Weather’s sign on it.


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