Sound rolls, and other baked goods.

Over the weekend I started logging the location sound rolls. So far I’ve logged 15 out of the 20 total. Basically what I’m noting are things like scene and take info, sound quality, and what I think of the performances.

As I’ve written before, we shot the film over a pretty long period of time, and the script went through quite a few changes. The “final” screenplay we worked with when we started didn’t stay final for very long. I think there were maybe three or four drafts altogether. Looking through my records I haven’t been able to unearth all of those drafts, so part of what I’m doing while logging these sound rolls is to reconstruct the actual scenes we filmed. Including scene numbers. Let’s just say I’ve made some interesting discoveries, including the fact that we apparently changed our scene numbering system partway through filming (!) But in the end that’s not necessarily that important, Pause of the Clock being what it is. The order and flow of the scenes is going to be quite different than when we started making the movie.

In the movie, I play a character named Rob; insomuch as I had any kind of strategy as an actor, I guess it was something like “be as casual and laid-back as possible.” With hindsight what that amounts to is that I sound like I’m stoned most of the time. Really, really weird, since at the time I was about as square as you could get. I think I’d had exactly one beer in my whole life, which was only because I’d gone on a family vacation to Canada and I wanted to shock my parents by ordering a Guinness in front of them. Anyhow, suffice it to say that as an “actor,” I contribute more cringe-worthy moments on these tapes than I’d care to admit. But I have to separate Rob the actor from Rob the filmmaker. Because from a filmmaking point of view, my awful performance might just be a winning element.

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