It’s like writing.

As many have pointed out, editing is a lot like writing. I’d go even further and say that it’s also a lot like rewriting, which I guess should be self-evident but is easy to lose sight of when you’re not actually doing it. Over the past few weeks as I’ve restarted work on the film, I’ve discovered some ways that editing is, for me, exactly like writing and rewriting.

For instance, I’ve discovered that working in the evenings is problematic. After spending 8-4 at my day job, when I come home and sit in front of my footage my brain is just not firing on all cylinders. Even worse are the few nights I’ve tried editing after working and then going to the gym; my body is pleasantly tired and my mind wants nothing to do with figuring things out or learning a new skill. And basically this is exactly how I function when it comes to writing. More often than not writing doesn’t go very well after the sun goes down.  I can read for hours, watch a movie, carry on a long conversation, or even do housework. But rarely do I have the necessary frisson to write.

On the other hand, in the morning ideas come easily and I have plenty of energy to play around with them. (Shades of Ray Bradbury.) Everything about me feels sharper. Yesterday and today (Saturday and Sunday) I got up very early, put on a pot of coffee, turned on my computer and got right to work. I accomplished more in four hours Saturday morning than I had the whole rest of the week. This is very useful to discover. It means that, unfortunately, because of my day job it’s going to be tough to do much work on the film Monday-Friday. I think I’ll still be fine with doing some tweaking and adjusting, minor type stuff, but clearly I ought to save the hard work for the weekend. I don’t particularly look forward to sleeping in anyway (I’m more attached to siestas) but now I really have to let go of that.  At least for now.

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