3 things about Julian Jarrold’s THE GIRL

The Girl [2012]

1. Her daughter wakes her up and she immediately starts clawing at the air.
2. Hitchcock in an apron and rubber gloves, doing the dishes.
3. The purse is the brightest yellow in the world. We all want to know what’s inside it.

Nonplussed. Toby Jones and Imelda Staunton are excellent, but Sienna Miller is never able to capture Tippi Hedren’s essence. A big problem. And though the screenplay is both factual and plausible, the movie never makes you feel what was so wonderful about Hitchcock and his films. So the end result is a seriously unbalanced story. But the production design and recreations of Hedren’s wardrobe are spot on, and that stuff is a lot of fun.

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