Voyeur’s delight.


In 1990, when I was about 15, I started keeping a diary. I was inspired by The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer (I’m not ashamed to admit it!) and just cracked open a fresh spiral notebook and went to town.

50 odd notebooks later I’m still at it. Like most diaries it’s been a mishmash of personal reflection, inarticulate moodiness, simple recounting of the day’s events, observations, lists, fantasy, and my reaction to whatever’s happening in the world at large.  And probably a whole lot else I’ve forgotten.

A diary is a central plot point of Pause of the Clock. When you pledge $300 or more, you get to choose any date between 1990 and 2014; I will then make a full color copy of the diary entry for that date and mail it directly to you. Did I write about a memorable world event? A mundane catalog of the day’s events? Or a juicy personal secret?  Find out.

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