3 things about Hossein Amini’s THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY

The Two Faces of January [2014]

1. “I didn’t do it for him.”
“You shouldn’t have done it for either of us.”
2. He grabs him by the crotch of his pants and dangles him overboard.
3. “I’m sorry I disappointed you,” he says, and dies.

Not without its flaws, but still quite faithful to the Highsmith spirit. Which, if you know the body of her work, is trickier to pull off than you’d think. Ambiguity of character is one of her overriding themes, something that movie thrillers don’t usually handle well. But Amini does. If only his camera and editing weren’t so restless. I’ve always thought that Antonioni would have been the perfect director for this novel.

Anyway, Viggo delivers the goods! He’s great.

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