Bringing it on home.

Last Sunday morning just before 9 o’clock, I dashed through the rain to the front porch of Nick’s house in Littleton, Colorado and rang the bell. I was holding a bag of donuts, a cup of coffee, and my trusty spiral notebook. Nick let me in, took my coat, and we talked about the movie for awhile, during which time I snarfed a donut and downed my coffee. Then we descended the stairs to his basement studio. While I made myself comfortable on his futon, he cued up the movie from the beginning.

Then he hit play. And on his 4K, 55″ screen I watched a movie. Not a project, not a work-in-progress, but a movie.

Naturally I took notes during the whole thing, and we used those notes to make many tweaks and adjustments over the course of the next four hours. But tweaks and adjustments aside, I’m happy to report that we’re this close to wrapping postproduction of Pause of the Clock. Let me tell you, it feels pretty freaking fantastic.

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