DCP update.

First: what the heck is a DCP? In a nutshell, a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) is a specially formatted hard drive containing the movie which is used by a digital projector to, well, show the movie in a theater. In other words, a DCP is to digital what a film print is to analog. If you’re interested, here’s a quick primer.

My colorist Nicholas Coyle has also been overseeing the creation of the DCP for Pause of the Clock, and he’s just sent me this update:

I just tested the DCP at the SIE Film Center, which is a non-profit theater in Denver (all thanks to a friend who is a projectionist there). It looked and sounded amazing. The theatrical setting is perfect for this film, and the intricacies and subtleties of everything about the film really shines on the big screen.

Exciting! And check this out:

So when those film festival acceptance calls start rolling in …

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