3 things about Andrew Bujalski’s RESULTS

Results [2015]

1. He takes his cat jogging.
2. “I’m going to let go of you now.”
“Thanks. I’m looking forward to that.”
3. Gradual overlap of individual running soundtracks.

When you watch most films, it’s relatively easy to look at an individual scene and draw conclusions about what its “purpose” is. It’s there to sketch in a character detail. It’s there to advance the story. It’s there to communicate the passage of time. One of Bujalski’s greatest gifts is his knack for creating scenes that don’t immediately signify their purpose, and yet don’t feel extraneous. So, at first it can feel a little confusing to watch one of his movies. From moment to moment it’s not always clear how you’re supposed to take what you’re seeing. That’s what I love about his stuff, though. You just have to roll with it, wait for all those moments to cohere. To me it’s a very life-like way of telling a story.

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