3 things about Wim Wenders’ UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD (Director’s Cut)

Until the End of the World (Director’s Cut) [1991]

1. Lois Chiles, window, Vermeer.
2. “The present will look after itself. It’s our duty to realize the future using our imagination.”
3. Happy Birthday video conference call in outer space.

The Director’s Cut of is almost a whole different movie. The first half really works now. So much more coherent, and enjoyable. Pleased to see more of Tosca’s in San Francisco. The second half is still too drawn out, but you do get a lot more von Sydow and Moreau. All in all, worthy of a major reassessment. Also, the new restoration looks gorgeous. There literally isn’t a single shot in the movie that doesn’t look beautiful. Robby Muller FTW.

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