3 things about Steven Soderbergh’s SCHIZOPOLIS

Schizopolis [1996]

1. “I don’t need to tell you how critical this is. Hometown. Pay-per-view. The eyes of the media. Here’s what I need. It should be lengthy enough to seem substantial, yet concise enough to feel breezy. It should be serious … but with a slight wink. It should lay out a new course of action but one that can change direction at any moment. If you must mention facts and figures, don’t do so directly. The general thrust should remain embedded in one’s mind forever. But specific words should be forgotten the moment they are heard. It should contain nothing that can be confirmed or denied. It should be on my desk Friday morning.”
2. She looks across the room: an empty table with a cup of coffee on it.
3. Playing with a dentist figurine while talking on the phone. He looks down and smiles at it.

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