3 things about Graham Mason’s INSPECTOR IKE

Inspector Ike [2020]

1. A corpse that slaps.
2. Blanket, milk, turkey leg.
3. “On a scale of one-to-ten–”
“–with ten meaning guilty–”
“One, I meant one.”

Like my own film, Inspector Ike had the misfortune of being completed during the pandemic, which stymied what should have been a breakout success. On the other hand, during the periods of lockdown, many of us turned to binging “Columbo” as a form of both comfort and entertainment–and now those same viewers are primed to appreciate Inspector Ike‘s flawless homage and sly wit in ways that would have been highly unlikely a few years ago!

If you’re on this film’s wavelength (and I definitely was) settle in for a barrage of hilarious in-jokes, silly gags, and all around good naturedness. Increasingly rare in today’s comedies. The whole cast is 100% committed and locks easily into that 70s groove.

And that chili recipe is solid.

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