3 things about Peter Bogdonovich’s SANT JACK

Saint Jack [1979]

1. Marriage ruins your sense of humor.
2. Singapore Slings at the Raffles Hotel.
3. “Ah, keep it down, can’t you Froggie?”
“Keep it down? I’ve been trying all night to keep it up!”

Bonus: I will never think of “Goldfinger” in the same way ever again.

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2 Responses to 3 things about Peter Bogdonovich’s SANT JACK

  1. One of my favorite films and Bogdanovich’s best film. I always remember the flower tattoos. In fact, I had a dream about them last night – no surprise, as I have been filling my planters with flowers this weekend.


    • robchristopher says:

      It seems like this was out of circulation for many years, so I was glad to finally catch up with it on Fandor. It really is a hidden gem.


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