3 things about Ridley Scott’s BLADE RUNNER

Blade Runner [1982]

1. The darkness, the shadows, the water dripping from the ceilings and down thewalls in the Bradbury building. Clearly BioShock was aiming for this ambience. And how, you may ask, does Rob know anything about BioShock? Zach showed it to me when I visited NYC. Yup … it has Blade Runner written all over it. And is all the better for it.
2. Ford takes a half-sip of vodka, and blood from his mouth clouds the remaining liquid in the glass. But why is he drinking vodka in this scene when in the rest of the film he clearly prefers bourbon? My conclusion: Ridley Scott thought this shot would look really cool, so he had him drink a clear liquid instead.
3. The interviewer in the early scene, compulsively puffing on his cigarette. Fan blades, smoky light. A steaming mug (of coffee?) at his elbow.

Only the second time I’ve seen it. I can certainly appreciate the movie, and visually it is pretty spectacular. But it doesn’t excite me in the way that something like Brazil does. It was fun to watch.

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