3 things about Bernhard Wicki’s MORITURI

Morituri [1965]

1. Brando: Is my music bothering you?
Trevor Howard: No.
Brando: Would you like to hear the second movement?
Howard: No.
2. A fairly astonishing shot where the camera starts out high above the ship then swoops down to follow Hans Christian Blech running the length of the deck. Another where the camera, high in the air, follows Yul Brynner walking up and down the outside of the ship as he talks. For 1965: wow. Were these done with a crane? With a helicopter?
3. Closeup of Esther: a lost look on her face morphs into a smile. Enigmatic. A fake smile? A deluded smile? An insane smile? A peaceful smile?

Another solid, suspenseful, entertaining Brando movie that’s been curiously overlooked.

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