EXCLUSIVE: Pixar Announces Newest Project, THE CHARLIE SHEEN STORY

Just in time for Charlie Sheen’s live appearance at the Chicago Theatre this Sunday, Pixar has announced the beginning of pre-production on their newest movie, The Charlie Sheen Story, 3-D.

Reprising his role from the Toy Story trilogy, Tom Hanks will voice Woody, who, in the new film’s metanarrative, is playing Charlie Sheen in a toy room production of The Charlie Sheen Story written and directed by Rex (voiced, once again, by Wallace Shawn). At Pixar’s press conference, screenwriter Charlie Kaufman promised that ‘if we pull it off, we’ll do for Toy Story what Being John Malkovich did for … John Malkovich.’ Incidentally, at the insistence of Pixar’s John Lassiter, John Malkovich will voice the character of Martin Sheen, who appears Hamlet-like to Woody’s Charlie Sheen at crucial moments in the story.

The real-life Charlie Sheen will have a cameo as a Weeble, the Hasbro toy that wobbles but doesn’t fall down.

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