3 things about Jonathan Demme’s STOP MAKING SENSE

Stop Making Sense [1984]

1. The camera loses him, finds him again. He unbuttons the top button on his shirt.
2. While Byrne goes into a seizure, Alex Weir digs into his guitar.
3. Tina does a nasty dance.

I was at last night’s screening at the Music Box. Michael Shannon was also there. He sat down front with a group of friends, including a little girl (his daughter?) A few songs in a small group of people started dancing in front of the screen, and by the time “What a Day That Was” started, Shannon was dancing too. (He’s a huge Talking Heads fan from way back. By way of a mutual friend, he once borrowed my cassette of The Name of This Band is Talking Heads.) The whole theater was electrified; those who weren’t dancing in the aisles were bopping around in their seats. There was thunderous applause after every song, the applause in the film mixing with the live applause from those of us watching the movie.

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