Lili Taylor, via AV CLUB

Lili Taylor, via AV CLUB

Born in Glencoe, Illinois, as a young actress Lili had a brief stint at DePaul University and also spent some time training with Del Close. In other words, she’s perfect for a documentary about 1950s-era Chicago! I am so excited to have her onboard alongside Willem Dafoe and Matt Dillon.

I suppose my earliest memory of her as a filmgoer is the occasion when, as a college freshman in 1993, my dad came to visit me in Chicago. To pass the time one evening he suggested we go to a movie and asked me if there was anything playing I wanted to go see. Well, I was a huge fan of Robert Altman and Short Cuts had just opened (in 70mm!) at Piper’s Alley. So off we went. Little did I know that the film included such dad-and-son-unfriendly moments as a phone sex worker plying her trade, graphic nudity, and copious drug use. I don’t think my dad said two words about the movie after it was over. Over the years, I’ve seen it too many times to count and Lili’s performance as Honey has always been one of my favorite things. So it’s an amazing honor to work with her on Roy’s World!

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