3 things about Dean Devlin’s GEOSTORM

Geostorm [2017]

1. Setting the story in 2019 seems awfully optimistic.
2. Gerard Butler’s fishy accent, unconvincingly explained away using a line of dialog.
3. How did he manage to get a handgun onto the space station?!

Honestly, not so bad. It’s really just a hokey 50s sci-fi movie, with acres of CGI and a glaring shortage of logic. But on that level, pretty fun. Gerard Butler has the sort of bland “tough guy”-ness that’s ideal for the part. And the movie has all the cliches that we know and love. Cute kid trying to find his dog? Check. Speechifying villain? Check. Ludicrous rescue at the end? Check. I enjoyed it. (Then again, I enjoyed San Andreas too. I just have a weakness for disaster trash.)

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