A word from David Lynch.

There isn’t any other way to put it: I’ve got good news.

Through the good graces of various champions of the project, I was able to share the final cut of Roy’s World with David Lynch. And he liked it! In fact he wrote a personal endorsement for us to use as we get the word out—here’s the full quote:

“Barry Gifford is a killer fuckin’ writer and I’ve got a lot of respect for him. His writing is pure and minimal and it sparks things and gets your imagination going. ROY’S WORLD captures his childhood and that time in Chicago, and many other places. I really enjoyed watching it and then contemplating what goes on inside a person with this history. I really love that world and the things that can happen there.”

You can imagine how surreal it is as a filmmaker to learn that one of the greatest directors ever likes your movie! In short, totally amazing.

Coinciding with this good news I am pleased to share the first official trailer for the film. To watch it, surf over to the film’s site. And while you’re there, if you can, kick in a few bucks to our crowdfunding campaign. We need a last bit of funding to help us cover postproduction expenses as we prepare the film to launch on the film festival circuit. Thank you in advance!

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