Zounds what sounds: thrilling news about the soundtrack!

Finally, I can spill the beans … I’m really excited to announce that a new tune by Royale will be featured on the soundtrack of Pause of the Clock.

It was one of those serendipitous moments when you’re surfing around online and randomly stumble across something that turns out to be great. I first heard their music sometime last year. I think I was on Soundcloud. They had tagged one of their tracks “Progressive Sci-Fi Yacht Metal.” Well, I thought, that sounds pretty interesting. So I hit play. The track was “1981,” which I immediately downloaded and has been on heavy rotation ever since.

I checked out more of their stuff and quickly discovered that, like myself, they hail from Chicago. Pretty cool. Earlier this year they successfully mounted a Kickstarter campaign to put out their first proper album, which will be released in December. (And as one of the project’s funders, I can’t wait!)

Back in May, when I started editing the movie, I had only two definite ideas about music for the soundtrack. More about those in a later post. Beyond that I just wanted to wait and let the footage speak to me. Coincidentally, around the same time I was assembling my first cut, Royale debuted a new track called “Inland Sea,” about Lake Michigan. Somewhere between looking at all my footage over and over, and listening to that song over and over, they started to melt together.  So about a month ago I got in touch with the band, floated the idea, yada yada, “Inland Sea” is going to be in the movie.

Check it out!

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