Zounds, more sounds: fresh news about the soundtrack

One of the lead actors in Pause of the Clock, Dylan Lorenz, was college roommates with Allen Morgenstern, an original member of the band Kill Hannah. That’s how I came to hear their first EP, Hummingbirds the Size of Bullets. I still have my copy. Every copy was unique; each had its own assortment of dried flowers and twigs sandwiched by hand inside the jewel case. Back when I was editing the film the first time, I had a notion of using the track “No One Dreams Anyway” for a pivotal scene. Somewhere around that time I was at a party where I was introduced to Mat Devine, Kill Hannah’s founder, and I told him a little about the film. Then I asked if it was okay if I used his tune. He said, in the way you do at the end of a five-minute conservation that you have in the midst of some party, that was cool.

Well, the idea of using “No One Dreams Anyway” has always stayed in my head, and while cutting the film this time around I laid in the track to see if it worked or not. And it works beautifully. Long story short: I got back in touch with Mat (who is busy with Wrongchilde, an awesome new project by the way) and he was gracious enough to make that 20-year-old verbal agreement a bit more concrete. So I’m excited to announce that Kill Hannah is joining Royale on the film soundtrack!

Mat re-recorded “No One Dreams Anyway” in 2003 for the album For Never and Ever, but I’ll be using the 1996 original. In the near future (fingers crossed) I’ll be debuting an excerpt from Pause of the Clock that features the tune, so keep your eyes peeled!

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